Safeguarding your most valuable intellectual property
We’re Cycura Inc. We provide top tier, advanced, customized and confidential cyber security services, cyber investigation services, and digital forensic services to governments, companies, and organizations. We focus on these types of services: Security Audits; Forensics and Incident Response; Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering; Continuous Monitoring; and Security Training Services.

What makes us different? Cycura’s approach to security begins in our R&D labs. Our security researchers understand computer code from the inside out. Our experts don’t use garden variety, “off-the-shelf” security tools. Cycura continuously and relentlessly identifies new vulnerabilities, develops new exploits and creates proprietary scanning and monitoring tools and software.

The firm serves organizations with particularly high intellectual property (IP) value, as well as critical data protection needs, including: software and technology companies; startups; airports; defense & homeland security; financial institutions; power generation and transmission; oil & gas facilities; refineries & the petrochemical industry; seaports; telecommunications; and water utilities.

Cycura has security experts in the USA, Israel, Sweden, Poland, Argentina, UK and the Toronto headquarters.
Our Tools, Your Security.