How identity is at the heart of many breaches

Listen to Plurilock CEO Ian L. Paterson talk to Cycura’s CEO Iain Paterson about how identity relates to the breaches that we see in the wild—and why it isn’t always easy to solve the identity problem with current solutions.

OWASP’s forgotten sibling

While OWASP’s list of the top 10 web application security risks is seen as the cybersecurity bible by most product developers and security experts, its little brother, the mobile top 10 list, doesn’t seem to get quite as much air time.

Why security is not separate from SaaS product

A SaaS product isn’t worth much without the proper cybersecurity controls in place. Find out how to reduce risk and strengthen your security protocols.

Why healthcare is a prime target for cyberattacks

Healthcare is ripe for cybersecurity breaches, especially ransomware attacks. Find out how this sector leave itself vulnerable, and steps they can take to protect themselves in the future.

Wondering what penetration test you need?

Find out with these 10 quick questions.

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