Digital Forensics, Incident Response (DFIR)

Before, during, or after a cyber attack, Cycura has the team to help you prepare, respond, or recover.

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Incident response

If you have suffered a cyber attack or data breach, our Incident Response and Forensics services will help you manage the incident and get your business back on track. Our team will work with you to identify, triage, and contain the situation, help you understand how the incident occurred, and how to close those gaps to prevent further attacks.

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Put our digital forensics and incident response team on standby with our incident response retainers. Knowing that trusted security experts who understand your business are on-call will significantly reduce response time and lessen the impact of a breach. Our flexible retainer contracts are designed not only to give you assurance in the event of a breach, but also to help strengthen your internal IR capabilities. Talk to us for more details.

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IR training

The best response to an incident is a robust, well tested plan and playbook. We can help you build these tools to suit your organization, and test them with you through simulations and tabletop exercises tailored specifically to your business.

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