A free discovery call is hands-down the best way to spend your precious time.

A discovery call with Cycura will give you expert insights and specific guidance on what you need to do to improve the security of your product or service.

Want to feel invincible?

We want you to, too. Of course, hubris is dangerous. But with the right culture and cybersecurity partners, we believe it's possible to feel protected—and a free discovery call is a great place to start. We'll ask questions, you'll ask questions, and together we'll get a sense of what you need.

What's your business?

The right cybersecurity solutions depend on your product, service and industry, not on selecting a pre-packaged scan or “check-box” assessment. We get into the details of what you do and what you're trying to protect so we can meet your specific needs.

What keeps you up at night?

Your objectives and concerns tell us a lot about where to start. We'll explore your past experiences with cybersecurity, the expertise on your team, and the risks your organization is facing so we can identify appropriate services for your specific situation.

What do we recommend?

Even if we don't have an NDA and haven't taken a peek behind your curtain yet, we can still say a lot about what you may need based on our experience with similar situations and our conversation about your unique circumstances.

BOOK YOUR CALL TODAY Let us know in advance if you'd like an NDA.

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We can improve your security by:

  • determining the best ways to meet the requirements of your most important stakeholders
  • recommending specific approaches based on your particular product, service and industry
  • helping you identify KPIs to measure the success of your security initiatives
  • providing information about cybersecurity services, including myths and trends 
  • identifying important new threats that may be relevant to your product or service
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