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Our offensive services help entrepreneurs and executives understand their organization’s cybersecurity exposure and educate them on how to focus their IT security efforts and guide them on their security journey.

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Penetration Testing provides validated insights into an organization’s security posture by attacking your assets like a motivated hacker would. We offer thorough, manual, “Black Box” Penetration Tests that identify vulnerabilities in internet facing applications and infrastructure. We also offer “Grey Box” and “White Box” Penetration Tests, that comprehensively test application and business logic, and security configuration in your applications and networks.

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Red Team Assessment

Our “Red Team” assessments deliver real world testing of your organization’s ability to detect, identify and defend against experienced and capable attackers. These goal-oriented exercises will target specific systems or applications using the same methods as APT groups. If your organization is ready to test the maturity of your security program, we can provide the advanced technical, physical, and social-engineering attack capabilities required.

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Phishing and social engineering

Phishing attacks can have devastating impacts. As the primary vector of most cyber incidents, staff awareness of phishing is a critical KPI of a good security program. We provide targeted Spear Phishing engagements which focus on specific, high risk, high value individuals and assets in your organization. If your needs are broader, we can offer automated Phishing awareness campaigns for your whole organization. Need something more up close and personal? Talk to us about Social Engineering. From On-site Intrusion to Vishing we can work with you to assess your security posture.

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