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Cycura offers specialized offensive and defensive services that come together to provide you with the best security practices available

Our offensive services help entrepreneurs and executives understand their organization’s cyber security exposure and help them become more educated on how to spend their IT Security budgets and resources efficiently.

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offensive services

we discover, examine and hack

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code review

Quite often when programmers are not security oriented, they make critical mistakes that lead to vulnerable code. Cycura prides itself on the use of manual source code reviews and custom built tools unavailable to anyone else, to achieve comprehensive assessments critical for securing sensitive intellectual property.

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penetration testing

Penetration testing provides validated insights into an organization’s security posture by attacking your infrastructure like a motivated hacker would. We offer external (blackbox) penetration tests that simulate a sophisticated attack from outside of your organization, and help you to understand the level of risk you may face from any type of malicious party. We also offer internal (grey/white box) penetration tests, that provide perspective into the type of inside attacks that could occur from a genuine internal threat.

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phishing and social engineering

We test your employees’ cyber security awareness and susceptibility, utilizing unique techniques. This service simulates a sophisticated, deliberate attack by a motivated entity that knows what it’s doing.

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red team assessment

We test your incident response readiness and effectiveness. Our goal is to get inside your systems without being detected by your incident response team.

defensive services

we defend and refine your security practices

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evidence collection and hacker profiling

We help compromised companies collect as much evidence as possible about potential hackers and gather information about how they entered the network. We know where hackers make mistakes and use it against them to collect strong evidence. We also have vast experience in negotiating with hackers that request ransom and analyzing whether there’s a way to recover data with unique tools and advanced techniques.

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immediate remediation

Our experts assist your team in patching all vulnerabilities that were discovered by our offensive team as quickly as possible.

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incident response and forensics

When you have been hacked, our incident response and forensics team will help you manage the incident in the most effective way possible. Our team will stop the attack, help you understand how the incident occurred and take steps to identify the attacker.

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investment assessment

We offer technical due diligence services for venture capital and investment banking firms, conducting in-depth analysis on the source code of their portfolio companies and prospective investment opportunities. We leverage our advanced technology and human capabilities, to provide a comprehensive assessment of the technology and team members of the company.

Cycura can help you

  • Validate that the technology is mature enough
  • Validate that part of the source code wasn’t taken from licensed software
  • Validate the technical capabilities of the team
  • Validate the cyber security-level of the app/software and/or infrastructure
  • Validate the cyber security awareness level of the company

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managed services

We provide on-demand, proactive reviews of your assets and help you rapidly scale your security, compliance operations and minimize the risk of digital disruptions caused by cyber threats.

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Our experienced instructors help you build internal knowledge, capabilities and the skills to bolster your company’s security practices and posture.

industries we serve

Cyber crime has no bias and no industry is immune to data breaches. We have assisted organizations within a vast range of verticals, including but not limited to:

automotive and aviation
blockchain technologies
defense and military
emergency services
energy and utilities
entertainment industries
financial institutions
government institutions
healthcare institutions
legal institutions
shipping and logistics
software and technology

receive a free 60 minute initial consultation

When you’re facing a cyber security concern or issue, the best approach is to confront it head-on with the guidance of an experienced cyber security expert. The goal of the initial consultation with Cycura is for our cyber security experts to gain a clear understanding of your situation, to inform you about our services and together create a plan to effectively resolve the situation.

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