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Cyber crime has no borders, and no industry is immune to data breaches. We assist organizations of all sizes, in all verticals, around the globe.

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Healthcare & Health Tech

Technology is revolutionizing the healthcare industry, increasing convenience, collaboration and efficiency. We help healthcare organizations and health-focused technology companies manage risks and safeguard personal health data (PHI) in this highly regulated landscape. We know health tech from the inside, as part of the WELL Health Technologies family of companies.

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Public Sector & Education

We understand the importance of maintaining the public's trust and work with public sector and educational institutions to safeguard systems and protect personal data from external and internal threats. We have the experience to customize our proactive, offensive and DFIR services in ways that meet the unique needs of government.

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Software and Technology

We understand secure software development practices, bringing this experience to our SaaS, Web, Mobile and Enterprise application clients. We can help you test your product, guide your remediation of vulnerabilities, train your team and build security into your product development culture. As your security partner, we grow with you as your product and company does.

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We have a soft spot for startups, particularly those with one or two big clients and a hunger for more. We can help you identify priorities for securing your application or product, build and reinforce a SecDevOps culture, add to, and guide your approach to security as your business matures. Working with Cycura will inspire confidence in your enterprise clients while ensuring that tending to security doesn't slow your growth.

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Fintech & E-Commerce 

If you're in Fintech, E-Commerce or the financial industry as a whole, you want Cycura on your side in the never-ending battle against cybercrime. We're known for rigour, best practices, intensive technical engagements, and always digging deep to understand the unique vulnerabilities of our Financial Services partners, as well as the ever-evolving strategies of financially motivated attackers.

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